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Resin artist WELZIE creates a hybrid of abstract expressionism and illustrated imagery. Surrounded by fiberglass and resin in the Two Crows Surfboard Factory, he has combined his studies in art and the craft of surfboard building into his unique style of resin art.

Beginning in 2009 WELZIE ran the Circus Gallery in Haleiwa, putting on more than a dozen events showcasing Hawaii's underground artists. In 2012 the resin art started gaining attention and showing up in more shows including a feature artist at the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, Japan. Wyland Galleries started showing his resin art in 2013.

WELZIE studied at UH Manoa and have spent the last 15 years working in surfboard factories. Growing up in Santa Cruz, WELZIE moved to the North Shore in 2002 and works as an artist full time in his studio at the Two Crows Surfboard Factory in the Waialua Sugar Mill.

May 2006 - Featured Surf Artist in Free Surf Magazine

May 2007 - University Of Hawaii Manoa BFA Show.

February 2008 - Artist for the NFL Pro Bowl Surfboard Auction, Honolulu, HI

March 2009 - Collaboration with Two Crows Surfboards

June 2009 - "Superfluous" Art Show at Circus Gallery, Haleiwa, HI

November 2009 - "Palimpsest" Art Show at Circus Gallery, Haleiwa ,HI

January 2010 - "Bugly" Art Show at Circus Gallery, Haleiwa, HI

January 2010 - "Coffee and Bong Hits" book release

February 2010 - "Coping: Art and Skateboarding" Art Show at Circus Gallery, Haleiwa, HI

March 2010 - "Residence" Art Show at Circus Gallery, Haleiwa HI

October 2011 - Two Crows Gallery Art Show, Haleiwa, HI

February 2012 - "Wet Art" show Santa Cruz, CA

March 2012 - Collaboration Surfboard Series with Heather Brown and Two Crows Surfboards Waialua, Hi

May 2012 - "The Thin Line: Art, Design and Everything in Between" Art Show at R&D, Kakaako, HI

May 2012 - Collaboration Show with Heather Brown at The Heather Brown Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

May 2012 - Featured Artist for the 2012 Greenroom Festival in Yokohama, Japan

July 2012 - Poster Art for the North Shore Music Festival

November 2012 - Art Show at Surfing The Nations, Wahiwa, HI

November 2012 - Painting of the Refinery Project's Art Bus. Waialua, HI

December 2012 - Art Show at The Refinery Project in Waialua, HI

January 2013 - Art Show at Ong King Gallery, Chinatown, HI

January 2013 - Art Show at Mod. Vintage, Honolulu, Hawaii

January 2013 - Artist Feature in INNOV8 Magazine, Go Airlines. Hawaii

February 2013 - Art Show at The Refinery Project/Pow Wow Hawaii Waialua, HI

February 2013 - Pangeaseed Art Show at Box Jelly in Kakaako, Hi

February 2013 - Art Show at Ong King Gallery, Chinatown, HI

February 2013 - I HeART The Ocean Art Show/ Fundraiser for Substainable Coastlines, Daimond Head HI

February 2013 - Sunset Beach Elemanary Art Auction Fundriser, Waimea Bay, HI

March 2013 - "Sharks and Ships" Art Show at The Box Jelly, Kakaako, HI

March 2013 - Surfing The Nations "Into The Wild" art show in Wahiawa, HI

May 2013 - Art Show at Mercury Bar, Chinatown, HI

May 2013 - Art Display at Jewl and Juice, Kailua, HI

July 2013 - Art Display at Capitol 360 building Waikiki, HI

August 2013 - Art Show with Pangeaseed at Mark's Garage in Chinatown, HI

September 2013 - Art Show at Ong King Gallery Chinatown, HI

October 2013 - Feature in Aloha Street Magazine, Japan

November 2013 - Haleiwa Joes Art Show Haleiwa, HI

November 2013 - Surfing The Nations Art Show in Wahiawa, HI

December 2013 - Art Show at Third Stone Gallery, Waialua, HI

December 2013 - Wyland's 8th Annual Surf Art Show in Haleiwa, HI

December 2013 - Feature in Free Surf Magazine

December 2013 - Feature in Japan's NALU Magazine

January 2014 - Published "How To Build A Surfboard" 72 page illustrated book on building surfboards

June 2014 - Solo Show at Wyland Gallery Haleiwa, Hi

July 2014 - Solo Show "Off The Deep End" Greenroom Gallery Waikiki, Hawaii

July 2014 - Haleiwa Arts Festival Haleiwa, Hawaii